Board of Directors

The Friends of Indian Creek was started by Jason Keith and Emma Medera in 2008. Additional board members—consisting of representatives of the community and the industry at-large—were brought on soon thereafter. All board members serve as volunteers for a maximum of two three-year terms. The president and treasurer are necessarily Moab residents.

The current Board of Directors consist of:

Senior Members:

Rachel Nelson, Moab: President
Lisa Hathaway, Moab: Treasurer
Jason Keith, Policy: Moab
Ben Riley, Moab

Maddie Logowitz, Moab; Chris Schulte, “At Large”; Julia Geisler, Salt Lake City.

Former Board Presidents:

Lisa Hathaway (2012–2018)                                                                                                                                                  Sam Lightner Jr.2010-2012
Trisha Hedin (2008-2010)
Emma Madera (2005-2008)

Previous board members can be found here.

Each spring board members vote on nominees to fill open spaces on the board. In concurrence with the Board By Laws (which can be viewed here), on April 1st, 2008 it was decided that there would be 7 Board Members. (Update: Since 2009, this number has been amended to 9.)

Meeting and Minutes

Board meetings are held quarterly. You can view meeting minutes starting from January 2008 by clicking on the links. (Reverse chronological order.)

May 2010
October 2009
August 2009
May 2009
February 2009

September 2008
June 2008
April 2008
January 2008

Previous Board Members

Original board members: Emma Medara, Jason Keith, Jim Donini, Greg Child, Kitty Calhoun, Trisha Hedin, Andy Boone, Amelia Patterson.

Voted in on April 1,2008: Emma Medara, Trish Hedin, Andy Boone, Kitty Calhoun, Steve Quinlan, Ralph Ferrara, Josh Gross

Board leading up to October, 2010: Josh Gross, Sam Lightner, Ralph Ferrara, Steve Quinlan, Trish Hedin, John Scofield, Noah Bigwood, Brad Barlage, and Joel Hickok

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